Doctors do not get fully trained on PCOS. They also only get 3-4 hours of BASIC nutrition in their degree. They are honestly told to just prescribe you medication and have no idea about what PCOS needs. The pharmaceutical world is very powerful, and it can be tough to know who to trust. Many doctors are on commission and need to prescribe a certain number of pills each year to be paid more. Bet you didn’t know that?

That’s exactly why I created this course.. It took me YEARS to figure out how to manage my PCOS and finally heal it while living a life I could enjoy. Since then, I’ve helped 100’s of women across the globe heal their PCOS as a PCOS Coach, and have now wrapped all this knowledge into a jam-packed course to help you reclaim power to your life and health.


You are fed up of PCOS ruining your life

You are fed up of going to your GP who just tells you to go on birth control or to lose weight with no help or support whatsoever

You are fed up of feeling exhausted all the time with no energy to even get out of bed

You are fed up of hating what you see in the mirror and having little confidence to wear anything remotely sexy

You are fed up of trying every fad diet under the sun, only to pile the weight back on if not MORE straight after

You are fed up of not feeling happy, healthy and just living your best life!


  • An overload of information diving into exactly what PCOS is, why we have it, how we can beat it and reverse your symptoms for good.

  • 52 Lessons covering specific areas crucial to balancing our hormones – nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, sleep, stress and supplements.

  • Direct instructions and easy lifestyle swaps to make which will help build new habits.

  • A 7 DAY reset kick start weight loss nutrition plan, with calculated calories, macros and full recipes/instructions.

  • My own Journey and ALL my hints, tips and tricks. It literally tells you exactly how I managed to lose my weight, and how you can too.

  • Over 250 PCOS friendly RECIPES of such delicious foods (made, tried and tested by a professional chef and myself).

  • Over 250 PCOS friendly RECIPES of such delicious foods (made, tried and tested by a professional chef and myself).

  • Over 50 PCOS friendly workouts

  • PCOS shopping lists

  • Several Juice cleanses

  • An A-Z of my top foods with their benefits for PCOS

  • The menstrual cycle guide



  • 1. Who is your coach?


    My Story

  • 2. Recently Diagnosed?

    What is PCOS?

    Causes and Cure of PCOS?

    What Type of PCOS are you?

    PCOS Type Quiz

    Five Reasons Why Your Doctor Can’t Help You To Reverse Your PCOS

  • 3. Understanding Nutrition and Key Fat loss principles

    The Calorie Deficit

    Stay away from anything WHITE!

    Sweeteners - Best and Worst of the bunch

    Protein is the most important Macro

    NEAT UP 247

    Sleep - The silent killer


    Did someone say Prosecco?

    Invest in Supplements

    The best ''diet'' to follow with PCOS

    Stress and Self Care

  • 4. Gluten - what you need to know

    What is Gluten?

    Gluten and PCOS

    Going Gluten free with G

    Tricks, tips, food and hints going GF

  • 5. Do we really need to cut dairy?

    What is Dairy?

    Dairy and PCOS

    Going Dairy Free with G

  • 6. The right way to exercise and your PCOS workouts

    What type of exercise should you do?

    It's a PCOS Party Workouts

    BONUS - New Workouts added!

  • 7. G's top hints, tips and tricks!

    First Changes to Make

    Foods to Avoid and to Eat

    The PCOS Shopping List

    The 7 day kickstart weight loss meal plan

  • 8. PCOS friendly recipes and cleanses

    Smoothies and Coffees

    Warm Bowl Recipes

    Healthy Lunches

    Juice Recipes 1

    Smoothie and Wellness shot recipes 1

    Juice Cleanse Program 1

    Juice Recipes 2

    Smoothie and Smoothie Bowls 2

    Wellness shots 2

    Juice Cleanse Program 2

    Acai Bowl Recipes

    Buddha Bowls

    Breakfast Recipes

    Soup Recipes

    Toast Recipes (Gluten Free Bread!)


    Wraps and Burgers

    Naughty Treats

    Coffees and Milks

    Ingredient Benefits

By the end of this course you will –

  • Understand exactly how to eat for your hormones without any serious restrictions (yes you can still eat pizza)

  • Understand the right exercise for PCOS and how to move your body )

  • Understand the importance of sleep and how to get a good one

  • Learn how to love what you see in the mirror and build confidence

  • Learn how to lose weight and actually keep it off

  • Learn what foods cause inflammation and how to avoid them

  • Learn what type of PCOS you are and the how to heal your root cause

  • Understand which supplements are best to invest in

  • Realise you don’t have to restrict and you can still enjoy your life without PCOS getting you down!

Testimonials & Lives Changed

A Bit About Me

Hi, I’m Georgie
A Degree Qualified Nutritionist, Level 3 Personal Trainer and Life coach specialising in PCOS. After suffering for 15 years, I dedicated my life to understanding exactly what our bodies need and how to cure PCOS.

I built this course to help as many women as possible not have to go through what I went through, but it won’t take you years, it’s all condensed down into this one cost course!

I have managed to completely reverse my PCOS naturally. My hormone levels are normal, my follicles have disappeared, I’ve lost 35KG (and kept it off!), I’ve not had a spot in over 8 years, I finally love what I see in the mirror and I’m the happiest, healthiest version of myself I’ve ever been.

Freqently Asked Question

  • When I make the payment, what happens next?

    Once the payment is made, you’ll automatically get an email giving you FULL access! You can get started right away. If you have any problems, please email georgie@itsapcosparty.com

  • Will this really work when I’ve literally tried everything?

    I’m sorry you feel this way and I can totally relate. I think I spent over $5000 in silly fad diets in my years! I can promise you, this will give you the education and tools to finally understand how to eat for your PCOS and build habits so it becomes second nature. You will learn so much about your body, what’s driving your symptoms and how to reverse it. Not only this but its full of recipes, workouts and shopping lists which you can keep and use forever!

  • I’m vegetarian/vegan – will this work for me?

    Yes absolutely, most of my recipes are plant based and my shopping lists are packed with alternatives depending on your preference. This isn’t a strict meal plan as its not sustainable. I give you the tools to make any situation work!

  • Do I need a laptop to access it?

    Nope you can use any device, anywhere – phone too!

  • How much time will I need?

    It’s a self paced course, so you can go as slow or as fast as you like. There is a lot of information to take in, so I would advice to do a few chapters a week and really take it all in. Write some notes if you want, I find that helps your brain store information better! The good thing is this course is yours for life, so you can come back to it whenever you need.

  • Will I get support throughout?

    I will be available on email to answer any questions you may have throughout, or pop me a DM on insta! We are trying to have a baby – will this course help? Absolutely! It couldn’t be more of a perfect time to change your diet and lifestyle to support your hormones. You want to make sure your body is in optimum condition when trying to conceive, and this course will help you do exactly that.

  • I am interested to have the 1 to 1 coaching after, how do I schedule a call?

    You can do that through the website, click here and you can pick your preferred date and time – BOOK A CALL

Note From Georgie

I won’t lie, I genuinely burst into tears when I finally created this course. It’s taken me months of late nights, fights with the laptop (as I am definitely no tech Wizz), hours of reading and researching into the depths of PCOS and more qualifications all to give you this.

And I can’t tell you how excited I am for you… Life is so short my girls and you don’t deserve to live it feeling frustrated, unhappy and alone. You deserve to be happy, healthy, strong and PCOS free. I promise, this course has all the tools and know how to get you there. So what are you waiting for my darling? Invest in your health now!

Are you ready to put your health first, reverse your PCOS symptoms and feel happy in your own skin again?