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    Who is your coach?

    • Introduction

    • My Story

    • A little introduction from G!

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    Recently Diagnosed?

    • What is PCOS?

    • Causes and Cure of PCOS?

    • What Type of PCOS are you?

    • PCOS Type Quiz

    • Five Reasons Why Your Doctor Can’t Help You To Reverse Your PCOS

    • Video - What is PCOS?

  • 3

    Understanding Nutrition and Key Fat loss principles

    • The Calorie Deficit

    • Stay away from anything WHITE!

    • Sweeteners - Best and Worst of the bunch

    • Protein is the most important Macro

    • NEAT UP 247

    • Sleep - The silent killer


    • Did someone say Prosecco?

    • Invest in Supplements

    • The best ''diet'' to follow with PCOS

    • Stress and Self Care

  • 4

    G's coaching videos

    • What is Insulin Resistance? What carbs should we be eating? What about sugar?

    • How to lose weight with PCOS

    • Why is Protein so important? How much do we needs? What are good sources to eat?

    • Healthy Fats - How to reduce Inflammation in the body

    • What is the best exercise for PCOS?

    • Why do we need sleep? How can we get a good night sleep? Why do we need to manage stress?

    • What are the best supplements for PCOS?

    • What is Gluten? Why it can be contributing to our PCOS symptoms

    • What about dairy? No you don't have to cut out cheese!

    • Less is More - G's final tips!

  • 5

    Gluten - what you need to know

    • What is Gluten?

    • Gluten and PCOS

    • Do I need to go Gluten free?

    • Tricks, tips, food and hints going GF

  • 6

    Dairy - do you really need to cut it out?

    • What is Dairy?

    • Dairy and PCOS

    • Which dairy products to avoid and which to keep

  • 7

    The right way to exercise with PCOS and your workouts

    • What type of exercise should you do?


    • BONUS - New Workouts added!

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    G's top hints, tips and tricks!

    • First Changes to Make

    • The PCOS Shopping List

    • The 7 day kickstart weight loss meal plan

    • The 4 phases of your menstrual cycle and the best time to exercise

    • My top tips for Christmas and how to stay on track!

    • My recommended blood tests to get for PCOS

    • The four types of PCOS explained

    • Your PCOS weekly check in sheet

  • 9

    PCOS friendly Recipes and Juice Cleanses

    • Smoothies and Coffees

    • Warm Bowl Recipes

    • Healthy Lunches

    • Juice Recipes 1

    • Smoothie and Wellness shot recipes 1

    • Juice Cleanse Program 1

    • Juice Recipes 2

    • Smoothie and Smoothie Bowls 2

    • Wellness shots 2

    • Juice Cleanse Program 2

    • Acai Bowl Recipes

    • Buddha Bowls

    • Breakfast Recipes

    • Soup Recipes

    • Toast Recipes (Gluten Free Bread!)

    • Salads

    • Wraps and Burgers

    • Naughty Treats

    • Coffees and Milks

    • Ingredient Benefits